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A metal forming machine for do-it-yourself and crafts market is offered for licensing.

This Czech company originally produces components for gates, its drivers and remote controls. They invented a metal forming machine that is suitable for those that repeatedly produce metal pieces but do not want to buy a professional machine. The

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Ukrainian company seeks the best technology for biomass power plants

A Ukrainian company in the alternative energy field seeks the best technology for functioning the biomass power plant. The company offers to establish the technical cooperation agreement leading towards the development of the ESCo (Energy Service Company) market. Cooperación

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French company developing centralized passenger information management solutions looks for technical cooperation agreement with final users.

Designed to increase the consistency of the passenger information system, the French company enables to aggregate all information flows into a single database. In this context, disturbances are detected automatically on the network and messages broadcast are streamed on

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Flexibility analysis of piping lines with added value for systems operating under high temperature and/or vibration

A French engineering company specialized in acoustic, pulsation and vibration studies, carries out numerical studies for industrial fields (Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, etc.) allowing to improve the design of equipment (compressors, pumps, etc.) and associated piping systems to guarantee

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Bioactive atmosphere modifier for packaged food

Polish scientist has developed a bioactive atmosphere modifier aimed for packaged food. The compound that consists of yeast, medium for yeasts, lactic acid bacteria, sugar and bacterial growth activator causes oxygen consumption and formation of carbon dioxide and ethanol.

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New technology increasing energy efficiency and reducing the CO2 emissions of electric installations with more than 4%.

An Italian SME established in 1999 with headquarter, R&D and production unit in Northern Italy has developed a new technology to increase the energy efficiency, improve the power quality and reduce CO2 emissions, of electric installations in industrial plants,

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An innovative isotopic method and instrumental analytical technique for uncovering illegal production practices (sugar and/or water addition) in wine, fruit juices, honey and strong spirits productions.

A Serbian company has developed an innovative new sharp-edge technology which is capable of determining botanical origin, sugar and/or water addition to original fruit, honey or wine samples. The innovation has been granted a patent in over 30 countries

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Starch-based adsorbent for the production of household chemicals and medicines.

A Polish scientist has developed a method of producing starch-based adsorbent. Thanks to its properties (i.e. lack of colour, odour or flavour), the adsorbent can be used for the manufacturing of household chemicals and medicines as well as in

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Italian SME is looking for EU and foreign partner in vacuum packed food sector to test and validate a visual sensor sticker to check and preserve food freshness

Italian SME, located in North West of Italy, specialized in material engineering is looking for partners to test and validate an innovative visual sensor sticker able to preserve and check the freshness of vacuum packed food. The company is

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