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Smart needle that converts conventional syringes into 100% biosafety syringes.

The company was created in 2017 in Spain, with the aim of carrying out the development of a novel patented technology that breaks into the incipient market of international health safety. Their innovation is a unique retractable needle system

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Covid-19 – Stand-alone production system of disinfectant using only water and salt for sanitary or domestic uses

A French company has developed a stand-alone production system of disinfectant using only salt and water. It can be used, even in harsh environment, sanitary and domestic purposes. It needs low maintenance and can produce up to 32 litres/day.

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Myocardial patch technology for cardiac regeneration

Two Italian Universities have jointly developed and patented a new technology consisting of a polymeric scaffold capable of mediating cardiac regeneration and protecting from reperfusion injury using cardioprotective agents that can be loaded on the biomatrix. They are looking

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A Polish manufacturer of customised worm gearboxes is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance, manufacturing agreement or technical cooperation agreement

A Polish producer of drives, established in 1982, offers customized worm gears. The worm gears can be easily modified according to customer’s needs and manufactured not only in series but also per item. The related design, machining, and servicing

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A Brussels-based, UN-founded association looking for social enterprises for social field work and capacity enhancing

A Brussels-based international NGO is looking for partners with technological capabilities to apply their advocacy and academic knowledge in field situations. These cooperations in hardware, software and technical and human expertise will enable the NGO and its partners to

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Dutch SME is looking for partners with knowledge of portable Radio Frequency electronics to improve their device to assess the shelf life quality and contaminants in fruits and vegetables

A Dutch SME has a portable highly sensitive, user-friendly and real time food screening instrument based on mass spectrometry, which is integrated with block chain. The mission of the entrepreneur is to create a rapid on-site testing system and

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A Croatian company offers unique semi-soluble plastic bags for washing contaminated clothing through distribution agreement

A Croatian company is a producer of semi-soluble plastic bags for washing contaminated clothing based on PE-LD/PVA (granular polyethylene of low density/polyvinyl alcohol) material. In their production program it can be also found bags for washing uncontaminated clothing same

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Russian manufacturer of auto parts is looking for foreign distributors.

A Russian company is engaged in the production of automotive parts (levers, stamping, front pillar, supports intercessor gaskets, etc). The company is looking for foreign partners from the automotive industry to conclude a distribution services agreement. Cooperación Empresarial Enlace:

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Ukrainian manufacturer of painted furniture facades and baby furniture is looking for cooperation under financial agreement and for distributors

Production is located in the West part of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk city. Investment is required for the manufacture of a small batch of production equipment for furniture facade painting, namely, polishing machines and CNC painting machines (software control). The

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A Ukrainian company specializing in the production of toys for children made of plastic and metal is looking for distributors

Ukrainian company, a manufacturer of plastic children’s toys and metal construction kits, is looking for partners and distributors to sell its goods. It offers cooperation in the implementation of a wide range of children’s toys: toy kitchens, kitchenware, cars,

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