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HORIZON-CL3-2021-DRS-01-05 partner search: Engineering company looks for Japanese partners to join an international consortium to develop fast deployed mobile laboratory.

Spanish engineering company is seeking Japanese partners to join an international consortium for the development of a fast deployed mobile laboratory to apply for next call HORIZON-CL3-2021-DRS-01-05. The consortium is looking for a Japanese research organization or end user

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EUROSTARS: French research and development (R&D) centre is looking for research and industrial partners to set-up a novel production process for complex ceramic parts

In the context of the next Eurostars call, a French research and development (R&D) centre, specialised in technical ceramics, is seeking, altogether with its Portuguese peer, for partners to complete its consortium. The overall objective of the project proposal

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Horizon Europe Cluster 5 Climate, Energy and Mobility – Looking for industrial demonstration partners interested in improving their energy efficiency and reducing their emissions with heat upgrade technologies

Cyprus IT company, very experienced in EU projects, provider of technologically-advanced software solutions, is looking for industrial demonstration partners for a proposal being prepared for Horizon Europe, to apply innovative heat upgrade technologies, leveraging CSP (Concentrated Solar Power). Proposal

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Eurostars: Manufacturer producing filters for food-related applications sought to jointly further customize the matching filters for a novel health-tech device

A Swiss startup develops a device to concentrate protein fraction from human milk onsite in hospitals for premature infants with <1.5kg birth weight. The innovative technology allows protein extraction from human milk to help these neonates to grow. The

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Eurostars: Hospital with department for preterm neonates treatment and human milk donor bank sought to participate in study of human milk origin protein fortifier

A Swiss startup develops a device to concentrate protein fraction from human milk onsite in hospitals for premature infants with <1.5kg birth weight. They search for hospitals or milk donor bank for a Eurostars research cooperation for the study

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[EUREKA Network/Eurostars3] Development of cost-effective metal bipolar plates for solid oxide fuel cells

A Korean company specialized in manufacturing display equipment and energy component is to develop a metal bipolar plate for SOFC (solid oxide fuel cell). With its in-house metal processing, low-cost and lightweight property, metal bipolar plate can be produced

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[EUREKA Network] A Korean sensor manufacturer is looking for software developer specialized in current control for a R&D project on high-precision fluxgate differential current sensor

A Korean company is specialized in developing different types of sensor such as IoT sensor, optical sensor module and pressure sensor for cars. To expand their product portfolio and to prepare for the rising electric vehicle (EV) market globally,

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[Horizon Europe cluster 1 or Eurostars] : Icelandic company seeking research partner to solidify new findings in cardiorespiratory fitness and physical performance in the middle-aged and the elderly.

Icelandic software company founded in 2018 focusing on analysis of the human heart rate curve and currently pending PCT patent application to the European Patent Office. Breakthrough discoveries made in cooperation and validated by Icelandic university. Universities or research

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A Korean manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell separator(bipolar plate) is looking for a R&D partner for manufacturing and mass production technology of multi-sided separator for PEMFC(Proton-exchange membrane fuel cell) based on a robust design

A Korean company that produces separator(bipolar plate) for PEMFC used in hydrogen fuel cell powered automobile is concentrating on developing production technology of multi-sided separator which has bigger size compared to the conventional one. To do this, they have

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EUROSTARS: a Spanish company is looking for partners out of Spain able to validate a new ice-phobic coating technology

A Spanish international paint company needs foreign partners for a EUROSTARS project aimed at adapting a phobic ice coating technology used for aircraft safety to a tool against energy inefficiency of different equipments caused by accumulation of ice. The

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