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[German-Korean joint R&D project] A Korean company specialised in high precision processing technology is looking for a German partner, capable of developing high-speed auto-array distributor and conveyor control system.

A Korean company specialised in high precision proceeding technology is looking for a partner for a German-Korean joint R&D project. The main goal is to develop loading/unloading collaborative robot, aiming at handling atypical and handle-with-care freights. Thus, a German

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H2020-EIC-FTI-2018-2020: An industry 4.0 application for the furniture manufacturing sector project is looking for a property management or real estate company

A Greek manufacturing company is preparing a proposal for the FTI call. Its vision is to scale up, test and commercialize a new design for furniture and interior design systems. One property management or real estate company is sought

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H2020-EIC-FTI-2018-2020: Hungarian company developing, manufacturing and marketing retail security solutions is looking for a partner to carry out semiconductor development

A Hungarian manufacturer of retail security solutions is developing a novel theft prevention system for fashion retailers. The system is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based Electronic Article Surveillance solution using a novel RFID chip concept. The company seeks

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H2020-EIC-FTI – Hungarian SME is looking for a large enterprise with experience in plastic injection moulding to support the manufacturing of the movement and coordination development tool

The Hungarian SME has years’ long experience of developing medical tools for children with birth injuries. The aim of the planned H2020 FTI project is to further develop the movement device by improving the manufacturing process and enhance it

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H2020-EIC-FTI: Hungarian SME is looking for manufacturing/trading company of laboratory equipment or medical devices, and an academic research group with outstanding scientific excellence in extracellular vesicles research.

A Hungarian biotechnology R&D company is developing a novel platform for isolation of extracellular vesicles from biofluids. The device enables high-quality, scalable, and cost-efficient isolation from any biofluid. The company seeks partners to develop the platform to a market-ready

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H2020-EIC-FTI-2018-2020 – Companies interested in a high efficiency fermentation technology demonstration are sought by an Italian biotech&engineering company

An Italian biotech&engineering company specializing in fermentation systems and scale-up for biotech production, has developed a new fermentation bioreactor and technology allowing a large number of biotech products manufacturing. To carry out the prototype demonstration and complete and qualify

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EUREKA/GlobalStars – Research SME from Singapore sought active in machine learning and robot safety for agritech R&D project

A Dutch start-up is developing an autonomous field weeding robot for precision farming. The company is looking for SME R&D partners from Singapore active in machine learning and robot safety to cooperate within a EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call consortium (deadline

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Industrial partner sought to join a European Training Network for host-directed, epigenetic therapy in intracellular infection

A well-known French institute will coordinate a European Training Network that would be dedicated to repurpose mammalian (cancer) epigenetic libraries / compounds for anti-microbial therapy. To properly answer this European Commission challenge, an industrial partner is sought. Ideally, the

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[EUROSTARS] French SME producing unique machines enabling on-site pallet manufacturing is looking for a partner to develop a fully-recyclable polypropylene pallet

In the framework of an Eurostars proposal, a French SME which has invented a unique machine to produce cardboard pallets on the client’s site, is looking for industrial and research partners from countries eligible to the Eurostars programme. The

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H2020-EIC-FTI-2018-2020 – Looking for a design and engineering company with experience in software for 3D modeling and failure modes analysis to develop and produce an innovative and eco-friendly umbrella

An Italian company created an eco-sustainable umbrella, 100% recyclable, with a unique Italian design and featuring a patented innovation that makes it more durable. The SME have already created a first model to enter the market by the end

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