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Italian company producer of chocolates is looking for distributors interested in unique products

The Italian company, known for having created particular chocolates, which reproduce “Capri’s Faraglioni” (stacks of sea rock), is a producer of a very particular product. From the first intuition of combining dark chocolate with lemon cream, the product line

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A Turkish company that manufactures pressure vessels and industrial plants is looking for joint venture or distribution agreements

The Turkish company was established in 1976, Kayseri/Turkey. The company produces semi-trailers, storage tanks, and turnkey facilities for the leading companies of the ever-growing energy sector all around the world. The company is looking for joint venture or distribution

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Accredited Spanish material testing laboratory focused on the metal industry is looking for an outsourcing agreement

Spanish material testing laboratory offers solutions for material characterisation and destructive/non-destructive test on material and welding to companies from the oil and gas, renewable, petrochemical or additive manufacturing industries. The company offers its testing services to potential partners under

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Ukrainian manufacturing company of decorative stones is looking for distributors and commercial agents.

Ukrainian manufacturing company is specialized in production of wide range of decorative textured stone with patented seamless mounting techniques. The company is interested to find long-term partnership to work with under distribution services agreements and/or commercial agency agreements. Cooperación

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Italian engineering SME expert in energy-from-waste, renewables, power generation and environmental industry is seeking industrial partners under joint venture or outsourcing agreements

Italian firm specialized in designing energy from waste facilities, biomass power plants and systems for the thermal disposal of hazardous waste offers an outsourcing agreement for services covering all the phases of the engineering (from conceptual and feasibility studies

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A leading biotech Korean company specialized in producing high-quality diagnostic kit for COVID-19 seeks for global partners

The Korean company specializing in multiplex molecular diagnostics with the aim of completing localization of genetic technology is offering a COVID-19 diagnostic kit. The kit is based on real-time PCR method which features high sensitivity and accuracy. Also, this

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Slovak SME patented technology for recycling of filter materials to obtain ecological premium quality activated carbon and special high-performance thermal insulation fabric and is looking for investor.

Established Slovak company specializing in the recycling of filter materials in a waste-free manner invented technology for recycling of filtration materials and recovery of activated carbon. The resulting product is premium activated carbon and high-quality insulating material that is

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An Israeli company specializing in manufacturing for the global defence and homeland security markets is looking for integrators, agents and resellers in this field

The Israeli company develops and manufactures cutting edge electronic countermeasures and spectrum dominance solutions for the global defence and homeland security markets, providing tailored solutions to the customer’s needs. The company seeks partners to cooperate under agency agreements: integrators,

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Aqueous nano-suspension for the maintenance of private swimming pools reducing the use of pool chemicals is offered for distribution by a Czech company.

A Czech SME has developed and patented a smart and highly efficient aqueous nano suspension containing an inert mineral substance, working on the principle of photo-catalytic effect. It is used in personal swimming pools to prevent the overgrowth of

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Hungarian glass product manufacturing company with huge professional history is looking for new foreign partners in the frame of distribution services, manufacturing or commercial agency agreement

Hungarian borosilicate ornamental glass manufacturer specialized in handcrafted, custom-made glass products such as glasses, laboratory glassware and serving bottles is seeking to cooperate with foreign partners in the frame of distribution services or commercial agency agreements. Their aim is

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