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Spanish company dedicated to the production, processing and commercialization of organic pistachios, is looking for specialized distributors and importers of nuts

Company located in Castilla La-Mancha (Spain), specialized in the production, processing and marketing of organic pistachios is looking for companies that distribute nuts, organic products and/or gourmet products (both organic and not). The company is interested in commercial agency

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Armenian producer of aluminium caps is looking for manufacturing agreement

The Armenian company produces aluminum caps for glass and plastic bottles, that can be used in the production of water, mineral water, and carbonated drinks and juices. The company wants to expand its sales markets and is looking for

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Russian manufacturer of explosion-proof equipment and fire alarm systems is looking for distributors

A Russian production company from the Sverdlovsk region, specializing in the production of explosion-proof thermal casings for detection and tracking systems, as well as explosion-proof manual and multi-range flame detectors and remote start devices, is looking for partners abroad

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Moldavan company is looking for distributors for its organic cereals.

Organic Moldavan company based in the Republic of Moldova offers organic grain, spelled wheat, common wheat, oats, sunflower, corn, sorghum, mustard, green peas, yellow peas, soybeans, rye, chickpeas, lentils, beans, pumpkin, alfalfa, buckwheat. Also, the company provides in-house processing

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A Ukrainian headwear factory is looking for partners to work under manufacturing or subcontracting agreements

The Ukrainian manufacturer of headwear such as hats, bespoke caps and fitted hat (caps) is looking for foreign partners to conclude subcontracting agreements or manufacturing agreements. The company provides services for sewing products of any complexity both from its

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Belgian manufacturer in recycled aluminium eye-catching temporary structures (tents, shelter..) is looking for commercial agency and distribution agreement

The Belgian company is manufacturing recycled aluminium to create eye-catching & deployable structure as a tent for exhibitions, temporary events, brand activation booth, for indoor or outdoor use. Communications agency, corporate companies and non profit organisations are its customers.

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A Turkish SME is looking for manufacturing agreement on coating equipment for solar panels

A Turkish start-up focusing on development of innovative solar panels is looking for manufacturing agreement with gravure coating equipment manufacturers. The company is willing to puchase one unit of equipment for its R&D facility and is open to manufacturing

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UK company seeking licensees for SaaS employee knowledge platform, offering mobile phone-centred training for new staff members

A UK company has developed a novel SaaS (Software as a Service) system which onboards and preboards new employees to keep them engaged and informed before their first day. The system is aimed at improving employee knowledge and engagement

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Turkish company that producing weaving and knitting products/ fabrics is looking for a distribution services agreement

A Turkish company offers raw and dyed 100% cotton yarns from Ne 6 to Ne 60 – open end, carded, combed (compact) with one or more threads. The product catalog has 240 colors. The company has its own laboratory

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Young Italian company providing aero-photogrammetry and 3D modelling services is looking for partners for outsourcing agreements or subcontracting

The Italy based company, founded in 2016, provides data collection, survey mapping and modelling services through the drone technology. In particular, the offered services are: photogrammetry with drones, thermography with drones and or thermocameras, air quality analysis with drone,

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