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Multifunctional syringe to protect healthcare workers

A Hungarian technology transfer agency offers its partner’s technology, a medical syringe which solves the problem of the danger of infecting patients and health care workers with diseases that can be transmitted by injecting with an infected needle. The

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Water treatment with low frequency electromagnetic resonance fields to remove biofilms from water pipes to achieve a very high level of biosecurity for livestock farming.

A Swiss SME with expertise in water treatment has developed a game changing technology for removing biofilms in drinking water pipes for livestock farming, achieving key benefits for animal health and wellbeing. The water treatment technology is using very

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Seeking micro/nano replication expertise in nano injection moulding and nano-imprinting for manufacture of medical technology devices

A Singapore startup focusing on micro- and nano-scale structured substrates that can be used in optics, flexible screens and micro array chips for genomics seeks a partner to enhance their existing technology of micro/nano replication in nano injection moulding

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A Romanian start-up offers an innovative platform that unites all healthcare providers and connects them with patients

A Romanian start-up developed a free global health solution that unites the healthcare providers and connects them with patients. This solution provides efficient tools for increasing the international visibility of the existing healthcare services ensuring a healthy life for

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Spanish researchers developed a monolithic scintillator for detecting radiation and biomedical diagnostic devices

A Spanish university presents a scintillator built by means of a monolithic crystal engraved with a flexible and intelligent below-the-surface laser technique. The technology presents unique and precise Lambertian-type diffuse reflection features that can be applied in general radiation

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Advanced digital maintenance solution for remote access and remote management of machines and industrial appliances

A German engineering company developed a digital maintenance solution for remote access and remote management of decentralized plants and industrial appliances. By use of the device, the machines can be remotely accessed for diagnosis which reduces the service demand

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Dutch company is looking for solutions to making CO2 detectable

The Dutch company is developer and manufacturer of cooling- and freezing installations in which CO2 is used as a cooling medium. Leakage of CO2 is dangerous for people. The company is looking for a solution to ensure that leakage

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An Italian IT start-up, developer focused on virtual and augmented reality experiences for the healthcare sector, is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance and research cooperation agreements.

This Italian innovative start-up, focused on virtual and augmented reality for medical practice and surgery, is interested in collaborating with universities (medicine faculties), industries and distributors for neurosurgery, in order to improve the medical care sector. Partners are sought

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German engineering company offers licensing for plant layout and deinking method for processing of paper waste

A German engineering company has patented a novel plant layout and deinking method for processing of paper waste. At least one partial stream of rejects of the post flotation process is returned to the preceding deinking circuit. The deinking

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Engineering company expert in sustainable solutions seeks to join a consortium under France-Spain Call EUREKA and EUROSTARS 2020

A Spanish SME looks for joining either a consortium within France-Spain Call for EUREKA joint R&D&I projects or an EU consortium to build a proposal under EUROSTARS 2020. They can perform business capacity analysis, market analysis for commercialisation, full

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