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Antibacterial alternative to antibiotics with high specificity against Escherichia coli

A Spanish university has modified several phage proteins (Poll-N and UK-C) that have high specificity against Escherichia coli (E. coli), but not against other Gram-negative bacteria. They could be used in the case of contaminated food, cosmetics or water,

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Research center specializing in the built environment offers its expertise to consortia for H2020 calls on energy efficiency in buildings and digitalization of the buildings sector

Research center based in Brussels active in the sector of the built environment (mainly sustainable architecture and urbanism) aims to join consortia under a research agreement to respond to H2020 calls. They have expertise in BIM (Building Information Modelling),

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Looking for solutions to accelerate digital literacy in education

Dutch leading IT supplier is looking for innovative SMEs and start-ups from Europe that offer solutions to speed up and improve the implementation of digital literacy in education. For self-reliance in society, the digital skills of children and youngsters

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Romanian company that delivers high-performance IT&C cyber security solutions is looking for partners / customers from Europe and beyond, to implement a proof-of-concept IT&C solution based on Machine Learning and Deep Learning Technologies

The Romanian company, located in Bucharest, with 100% private capital and over 3 years of activity delivers IT&C solutions with main focus on Machine Learning, Deep Learning Technologies and Artificial Intelligence, is looking for partners from Europe and beyond,

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A mobile health platform to remotely manage cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurological conditions

A UK digital health company is validating a mobile health platform that is more patient-centric but approved by subject matter experts and working alongside leading clinicians. It allows for multiple users and multiple languages at all times. Licensing is

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Post-processing antioxidant for polymers

A Spanish university has developed a water-based metal atomic quantum clusters formulation that can be applied directly onto the surface of polymeric materials to avoid their oxidation. The antioxidant treatment doesn’t affect the visual and mechanical properties of the

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UK manufacturer of polymer surface coatings seeks collaborative partners to develop new solutions

A UK polymer coating company who have 40 years experience of developing surface coatings solutions to meet the needs of clients across a variety of sectors are looking to work with collaborative partners to develop new products under technical

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Nanofluids for efficient heat exchange systems of power engineering, transport and industry

The Ukrainian institute group developed nanofluid samples for heat exchange systems of power that can be efficiently used in different devices from engineering, transport and industry sector. Compared to distilled water, these nanofluids are 3-4 times the heat sink

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A healthtech software development company offering an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered service that recommends suitable medications based on patient’s medical conditions

A Greek health software development company has developed an AI-powered service that recommends suitable medications based on a patient’s medical conditions and cross-checks them for adverse effects. The solution is able to check drug-to-drug and drug-to-disease interactions, suggested medications

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Real time massive big data system for Internet of Things (IoT)

Spanish tech-based company has developed a real time massive big data system for Internet of Things (IoT) systems. It provides a tool for real time data acquisition and managing. The company is looking for license agreements. Cooperación Tecnológica Enlace:

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