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Portuguese developer of location analytics (geospatial analytics) software – SaaS – is looking for location data providers and companies working with geospatial data for a technical cooperation agreement

A Portuguese SME founded in 2014 is looking for location data providers and companies working with geospatial data to establish a technical cooperation agreement. Its product is a user-friendly location analytics software (SaaS) with no-code solution, where business users

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Customisable light-emitting diode (LED) system for indoor farming

A Singapore research institute has developed a customisable LED light system plus software for indoor farming use. With urban farming on the rise, the technology allows the remote control of lighting and data analytics to improve productivity, reduce energy

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A superconductor-based memory device using a switchable resistive element suitable for superconducting computing

Slovenian researchers, experts in the superconductor materials, have developed a memory device for superconducting computing that combines a switchable resistive element with a superconductor element to control the switching between the memory states. The device is highly scalable. Partners

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A Dutch biotech company is looking for technologies and expertise for the development and implementation of a bioinformatics platform for next generation sequencing analysis in an online environment.

The Dutch biotech company is looking for an IT-based technology and expertise to productize their pipelines to analyse and interpret viral next generation sequence data. The outcome should be implemented with the highest security in a broader market. The

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Qatari manufacturer of a fusion of modern and oriental furniture and accessories is looking for trade agents and distributors

A Qatari manufacturer of unique modern and oriental furniture and accessories, made of authentic natural materials such as solid wood, mother of pearl, brass, leather etc along with exclusive fabrics, is looking for partners who would act as distributors

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A producer of organic essential oils from Albania is looking for distribution services and commercial agency agreements.

The producer and processor of medicinal, aromatic and herbal plants from Albania, is specialized in the production of essential oils, hydrolats, and essential oil extracts. The company has been active in producing high-quality products for years and wants to

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French company offers innovative drying and shaping process to produce a free flowing powder of microcapsules and is looking for subcontracting agreement

A French SME specializing in fine and ultra-fine powders as a subcontractor in various areas offers an innovative process for the production of a free flowing powder of microcapsules, by a common step of drying and shaping in a

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Spanish global booking marketplace for corporate event organizers is looking for financial agreement or joint venture

A Spanish startup based in a marketplace’s environment, which fosters the business development between the stakeholders of the MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) industry and business travel industries has put in place a B2B meeting point connecting and

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A Ukrainian producer of peas, pea flour, wheat flour and pulses is looking for a long-term cooperation with trade companies or their agents to cooperate under the manufacturing or commercial agency agreements.

A Ukrainian company specialized in producing groats, pulses, pea and wheat flour, legumes and mixed feed is interested in searching of new partners for cooperation. Assortment of goods consists of 31 articles. The enterprise is interested in partners from

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French company of straw cases is looking for rye straw providers under supplier agreement

A French producer based in South West of France specialised in the production of straw cases for the maturing and presentation of cheeses and other food products is searching for suppliers of rye straw under supplier agreement. Cooperación Empresarial

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