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Cyberphysical system (hardware and software) for water efficiency in different customers and sectors

A Spanish SME,active in industrial engineering and IT,has developed a cyberphysical system(hardware and software) for water efficiency and consumption in different customers and sectors. The main purpose of this modular technology is to carry water from the water heater

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Identification of therapeutic agents for treatment of Covid-19

An Italian University is working on a research project aimed at identifying new therapeutic agents for Covid-19 through poli-pharmacological approach and could be interested in further developing the project, and in starting discussion with other research organisations through technical

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Novel air-conditioning hose system for aircraft cabin maintenance

A Singapore institute of higher learning offers a novel hose system for air-conditioning that has a complete industry-applicable setup for aircraft cabin repair and maintenance. The technology improves the hose efficiency in terms of pressure loss and reduces the

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Italian company, located in Sicily, producer of gourmet organic olive oil, vinegar and sea salt seeks distributors

Italian company, located in Sicily and specialized in the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil, lemon olive oil, wine vinegar and sea salt is looking for distributors for their products in many European countries (Belgium, Holland, Finland,

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Bulgarian company specialized in organic honey production is looking for partners under distribution services agreement for its new creamed honey product line

The Bulgarian company is located in the region of Pazardzhik and is a producer of natural honey products. It has created an innovative honey product – creamed honey with different flavors, which can be used as a healthy substitute

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UK company providing training for midwives and health professionals in the maternity sector seeks subcontracting/outsourcing opportunities.

This company has designed a range of training courses in the field of midwifery. Through a team of highly skilled senior midwifes, they offer practical and evidence based training to health professionals. With experience in delivering training courses in

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Italian company, specialized in the production of wristwatches is interested in finding distributors abroad

Italian company, established in 1998 and belonging to fashion sector, is specialized in the production and the trade of wristwatches. It is looking for distributors in other countries. Cooperación Empresarial Enlace: Italian company, specialized in the production of wristwatches

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A Lithuanian company active in trade is looking for non-sterile medical creped paper distribution partners

The Lithuanian company has exclusive distribution rights of non-sterile medical creped paper and is looking for business partners to work under the distribution services agreement. Cooperación Empresarial Enlace: A Lithuanian company active in trade is looking for non-sterile medical

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A Ukrainian producer of wood pellets is looking for distribution services and commercial agency agreement

The Ukrainian company from north part of country specialized in production of wood pellets wants to conclude distribution services and commercial agency agreements with trade partners all over the world to promote and sell its products on new local

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Singapore steamboat and barbeque food ingredients supplier seeks European distributors

A Singapore company is specialising in providing food ingredients used in barbeque and steamboat, a Chinese cooking method prepared with a simmering pot of soup containing different kinds of food ingredients, to food and beverage outlets and consumers. The

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