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A Serbian IT company is looking for partners from agriculture, automotive, energy, smart cities, legal, healthcare and other industries for its software and hardware development services through outsourcing

A Serbian IT company specialized in (custom) software development, quality assurance (QA), and specialized development for companies of any size and within different industry verticals, is looking for start-ups, SMEs, organizations and institutions interested in outsourcing software and/or hardware

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A Korean company manufacturing ultra-fast COVID-19 diagnostic kits based on real-time PCR technology seeks distribution partners in Europe

With outstanding know-how and expertise in PCR technology, a Korean biotech engineering SME has been developing and manufacturing ultra-fast molecular diagnosis platforms and in-vitro diagnostic kits for several years. The company is seeking collaboration with partners in Europe who

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Portuguese producer of an innovative solution to clean small and large-scale photovoltaic panels is looking for distributors and agents in Europe and beyond

This Portuguese manufacturer of an innovative cleaning solution for photovoltaic panels is interested in widening its market by forming long-term partnerships with distributors and commercial agents worldwide. Cooperación Empresarial Enlace: Portuguese producer of an innovative solution to clean small

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A Polish manufacturer of lighting accessories and lamps is looking for technology providers of braided textile knitting machines and for cutting holes in steel elements

A Polish producer of lighting accessories and lamps with an established position on the domestic market is looking for manufacturers of machines used for textile knitting, especially with modern technological solutions. The company is also looking manufacturers of precise

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Greek SME offers a human-computer interface based on a cutting-edge hand/finger motion data tracking solution

Greek R&D company, active in the human-machine interaction sector, offers disruptive device-system for high-precision tracking of hand and finger motion data for the healthcare, automotive and space markets. The company seeks partners for technical cooperation or joint venture agreement

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Italian company interested in taking part in LIFE projects or Green Deal applications

An Italian company with competencies related to ICT applications in agro-food and environment is interested in taking part in project proposals addressing EU green deal, LIFE, or other programmes and projects with the same potential and applications. The Italian

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Decentralised IoT system for urban farming

A Singapore institute of higher learning has developed an Internet of Things (IoT) software architecture with a decentralised framework that allows the autonomous exchange of data between IoT devices without any centralised server. Designed to help modern farmers monitor

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A Chinese company seeks intelligent image recognition technology applied to oven cavity from European market via a commercial agreement with technical assistance

This is a Chinese company specialised in designing and manufacturing of household appliances. According to the company development strategy, they seek from the European market intelligent image recognition technology to be applied to oven cavity. The Chinese company prefers

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Spanish company is looking for partners for further development of a non-conventional alternator.

A Spanish start-up with experts in the development of ground-breaking systems for wind energy generation is looking for partners to further develop a non-conventional alternator. The main objective is to introduce improvements to the alternator’s functioning to increase its

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A Ukrainian company providing business consultancy is offering its services to international clients under outsourcing or subcontracting agreements

A Ukrainian company specialized in market entry and business development consultancy offers its services to foreign clients. It seeks potential partners under outsourcing or subcontracting agreement, preferably for long term cooperation. Cooperación Empresarial Enlace: A Ukrainian company providing business

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