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Russian manufacturer of water treatment technologies is looking for foreign partners to conclude manufacturing agreement, distribution services agreement, and subcontracting.

A Russian company from Sverdlovsk region offers the technology of water treatment, purification and conditioning of drinking water and wastewater on the basis of sorbents is looking for partners abroad to establish business cooperation in the framework of manufacturing

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Renowned Bulgarian manufacturer of male, female and children shirts is looking for long-term partnership and order fulfilment under manufacturing agreement

The Bulgarian company specialises in the production of male, female and children shirts, blouses and polo-shirts. Their main clients are Versace and Armani. They also have a strong presence on the German market as all the uniform shirts of

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Slovenian developer and manufacturer of fixed wing small Unmanned Aircraft Systems is looking for distributors

A Slovenian company is specialized in manufacturing of fixed wing small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS – unmanned aircraft and the equipment to control it remotely). The company wants to expand its sales potential. They are looking for partners to

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Regenerated automotive and machine parts offered by Polish SME under distribution services agreement

A Polish SME specializes in manufacture and sale of new and regenerated machine and automotive spare parts. The portfolio consists of parts to cars, various types of heavy vehicles, machining centres. The company is able to regenerate and code

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An Israeli conversion rate optimization company specializes in tailor-made R&D services for biotechnology industry and is looking for subcontracting or outsourcing agreements with start-ups and corporates

An Israeli conversion rate optimization company specializes in tailor-made R&D services. It focuses on the validation of early-stage projects and mechanism of drug action studies using numerous methodologies. Such methodologies include assay development, drug discovery, research histopathology, development of

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Hungarian software engineering company specialised in developing custom enterprise software solutions for web and mobile platforms offers its services as subcontractor or in the frame of outsourcing agreement

The Hungarian IT company specializes in business process modeling and digitization. The company has a successful track record developing high-quality, complex enterprise applications using a wide range of technologies. The Hungarian provider is interested in identifying international business partners

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Russian company engaged in the production of innovative skin care products is looking for foreign distributors

A Russian innovative company from the Tomsk region develops and produces purely natural skin, body, and hair care products. all products are created without the use of chemically synthesized components. In production, the company uses such elixirs as oil,

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Providers of education and training services and biotechnology industrials from Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal or Sweden are sought for the next call of Erasmus+ Skills Alliances

A French BioCluster is going to apply for the next Erasmus+ Skills Alliances call. This European program aims to design and offer training content and teaching as well as training methods. They are looking for providers of education and

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Biohybrid material for removal of organic contaminants

A Spanish public research organisation has developed a novel hybrid material consisting of an enzyme and a structure of nanowires of iron carbonate. The effect of the combination is an enhancement of the catalytic activity which leads to degradation

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High efficiency patented fermentation technology allowing biotech production for food, feed, pharma, agro-active ingredient sectors

An Italian company specialized in fermentation systems and process technologies for biotech production, has developed an innovative solid state fermentation technology that allows a very large number of biotech products. The company is looking for new partners (engineering companies,

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