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A Ukrainian manufacturer of waterproofing materials is looking for distributors

The Ukrainian company is active in the field of manufacturing of the waterproofing materials used in industrial, civil and special construction, repair of facilities for various purposes, resulting in reliable protection against the destructive action of water. The company

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Water treatment with very low-frequency electromagnetic resonance fields to remove limescale and biofilm from water pipes, protecting sanitary facilities and achieving biosecurity

A Swiss SME with expertise in water treatment has developed a game changing technology for removing of limescale and biofilms in sanitary water pipes in buildings, achieving key benefits for building owners and the wellbeing of occupants. The physical

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French SME offers a plug-in for the digital accessibility of websites to disabled or elderly people

A French computing SME has developed a plug-in that enables a website to be accessible to disabled or elderly people by adapting the structure and display according to the type of disability of each visitor. The SME is looking

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Machine learning generative models for synthetic dataset creation

An Italian start-up uses state of the art tools and techniques from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize business operations. They offer a specific product, which leverages recent advances in generative Machine Learning to enable safe and Privacy

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An Italian company offers a patented technology for spirulina alga production process optimization for food uses

An Italian start-up has developed and patented an eco-friendly environmental production plant that optimizes the spirulina production using energy and heat produced from biogas through the anaerobic digestion of bio-mass within the same production process. The amount of production

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COVID-19: A Polish manufacturer of face protecting shields is looking for distributors

A Polish manufacturer of certified face protecting shields, characterized by simplicity, ease of use and a very competitive price, is looking for distributors around the world to expand their global sales channels. Cooperación Empresarial Enlace: COVID-19: A Polish manufacturer

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A Chinese company is looking for humic acid fertiliser producers from Europe via a distribution agreement

This is a Chinese company specialised in European advanced agricultural products distribution in Chinese market. According to their development strategy, they want to import much more products to expand their catalogues. Currently, humic acid fertilisers are in their most

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Bamboo consumer goods: German company seeks distribution partners

A German SME produces a wide range of consumer and catering goods, such as knives, forks, drinking straws, cups, plates, etc. made from bamboo and bamboo paper pulp instead of plastic or wood. The company is looking for distribution

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Italian company specialized in the production of different kinds of artisan pasta is looking for distributors

Italian company, specializes in the production of craft pasta (traditional and special formats realized with high quality durum wheat) and products preserved in oil. The company, able to combine the old traditional production techniques with the new and modern

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A Ukrainian manufacturer of ecological furniture is looking for distributors

A Ukrainian company specialises in manufacturing of custom made furniture from environmental safe massive oak. They are interested in establishing of a long-term cooperation in a form of distribution services agreement with companies from construction sector, furniture stores and

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