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Prevention of lung injury associated with acute necrotizing pancreatitis

A Spanish public research institution has found the potential of polyethylene glycol on reducing the severity of acute necrotizing pancreatitis and associated lung injury, thus minimizing the systemic inflammatory response. Companies interested in patent licensing and/or in a research

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A magnetic bendable data-storage device

A Spanish research institution has developed a new magnetic recording bendable device where information is cloaked, virtually unerasable. The device can store information as the magnetic band of a credit card or a barcode or even more advanced magnetic

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High diluted nanostructured lipid hydrogels with no gelling agents

A Spanish research institution has developed a lipid gel composed exclusively of combination of lipids in high diluted conditions, without the need of gelling surfactants or polymers, thus avoiding irritation or adverse responses in medical applications. Its composition enhances

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High-performance liquid chromatography device for high-volume samples analysis

An Italian national research institute has developed a fluidic device that allows high sample volume injection in high-performance liquid chromatography systems and provides an automated purification step, reducing sensitivity problems and facilitating the analysis of extracted compounds from complex

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A wearable continuous learning environment

An innovative Italian company has developed a Ready2Use communication platform integrated with wearable devices to drive and manage any kind of field Work-Flow by enabling hands-free real-time collaboration among productive resources. Operators can benefit from both live support approach

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The Ukrainian manufacturer of leather products seeks distributors

Ukrainian company, specializing in the production of handcrafted leather goods, is interested in identifying international business partners to collaborate for the representing of its products in a frame of distribution services or commercial agency agreements. Cooperación Empresarial Enlace: The

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Slovenian manufacturer of plastic bags is looking for distributors

The Slovenian company is specialized in manufacturing of polyethylene plastic bags. The company is interested in enlarging its sales and is looking for partners for long-term cooperation.They are looking to distribute their plastic bags through distribution services agreement. Cooperación

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Singapore sauces and noodles manufacturer seeking European partners via distribution service agreement

The Singapore company, which was established in 1998 saw the need to preserve the distinctive Singapore cuisine. The company sought to preserve the Singaporean taste by making products with simple instruction for cooking. The company also produces noodles and

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A Polish textile company offers production capacity to garment designers under manufacturing or outsourcing agreement

A Polish SME is a leading garment manufacturer in the country providing full set of services for designers looking to bring their brands to the next level. Its references cover 30 years of experience in garment making and a

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Polish specialist in repairing electronic systems in controllers seeks commercial agents.

The Polish company specializes in repairing electronic components of high-speed gate drivers and is looking for partners who are experienced service companies in the field of industrial high-speed gates, that will act as regional representatives and acquire customers. The

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