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Machine tools for precision machining of high-performance materials

A German company has developed a machine tool based on water jet technology which has its origins in heavy industry and is now applied for the first time to the industrial production of high performance precision parts. Systems engineering

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Hospitals and clinicians are sought to validate a decision tool assistance

The French company has developed an advanced analytical solution for clinical purposes. They are using machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to make an assessment of an illness or a disorder in a systemic way. The first objective

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Semi solid metal casting process to reduce cost and energy consumption while improving quality of cast components.

A UK SME has patented, developed and proven a versatile technology for the energy intensive metal casting sector. The device/process is applicable to all metal systems and provides energy saving to the process as well as a higher integrity

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Design of new alloys and materials using sparse and noisy data sets

A UK spin out has launched, and proven, an artificial intelligence (AI) based tool that incorporates experimental data and uncertainty. It helps guide organisations to the best possible material or chemical optimisation in around 90% fewer experiments. New alloys

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Method for assessing the fertilising potential of sperm by computer-aided sperm analysis

A German university offers a methos to assess the fertilising potential of sperm. It is based on longitudinal axis rotation within the framework of computer-aided sperm analysis (CASA). The diagnostic power of these systems is thus significantly improved. Providers

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Russian manufacturer of powder metallurgy parts is looking for foreign partners to conclude a manufacturing agreement.

A Russian company from the Republic of Mari El manufactures components for automobiles, electrical household goods, locking and sealing devices by the powder metallurgy method. Traditional powder products are used for the production of gears for oil pumps, bushings

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Russian producer of feed additives is looking for suppliers of raw materials

A Russian company produces feed additives based on plant extracts in order to reduce the use of antibiotics in the diet of farm animals. The company is looking for reliable suppliers of raw materials (barley, sorghum, oats, wheat, millet,

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A Turkish SME that offers an economical way of developing aerodynamic models for top level D type professional flight simulators seeks manufacturers of such simulators.

An SME specializes in dynamic modeling, simulation, and control system development for aerospace applications and has experience in rotorcraft, turbine engines, and wind turbines. Much of the capability is used starting from consultancy to software development of sub-systems to

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Ukrainian manufacturer of sugar products is looking for financial agreement

Ukrainian company is looking for a financial agreement for the implementation of a business project on creating an industrial site in the EU and the subsequent organization of trade of products in the EU market of sugar products. Cooperación

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Maltese-based SME with a unique portfolio of sustainable, eco-friendly and reusable products is looking for partners under distribution services and commercial agency agreements

Maltese-based SME with a unique and comprehensive portfolio of over 25 eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable and plastic-free products for the health and beauty, toiletries, food and beverage industries is looking for wholesalers and/ or distributors to sell their products worldwide

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