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A Romanian start-up offers an innovative platform that unites all healthcare providers and connects them with patients

A Romanian start-up developed a free global health solution that unites the healthcare providers and connects them with patients. This solution provides efficient tools for increasing the international visibility of the existing healthcare services ensuring a healthy life for

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Seeking micro/nano replication expertise in nano injection moulding and nano-imprinting for manufacture of medical technology devices

A Singapore startup focusing on micro- and nano-scale structured substrates that can be used in optics, flexible screens and micro array chips for genomics seeks a partner to enhance their existing technology of micro/nano replication in nano injection moulding

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COVID-19: A Chinese manufacturer of medical protective hood and isolation suits is looking for distributors in Europe

A Chinese manufacturer of medical protective hood and isolation suits is looking for distributors in Europe to expand their global sales channels. Cooperación Empresarial Enlace: COVID-19: A Chinese manufacturer of medical protective hood and isolation suits is looking for

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Singapore noodles & tofu manufacturer seeking European partners via distribution service agreement.

The Singapore food manufacturer, which is based in Singapore is a well-known local brand that manufactures products such as various kinds of noodles and tofu products for the Singapore consumers. The company is seeking European partners via distribution service

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Singapore dim sim manufacturer seeking European partners via distribution service agreement

The Singapore dim sum manufacturer, which was established in the 1960s started as a small company in Singapore. Over the years the business grew and the company begun supplying their dim sum products to supermarkets in Singapore and the

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COVID19: Italian company is looking for manufacturers of raw materials for FFP2 or FFP3 masks (N95 masks)

Italian company active in the engineering and machinery construction industry converted its production to help fight COVID-19 and is now looking for suppliers of raw material producers to partner with in order to enhance production of individual protection devices,

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Water treatment with low frequency electromagnetic resonance fields to remove biofilms from water pipes to achieve a very high level of biosecurity for livestock farming.

A Swiss SME with expertise in water treatment has developed a game changing technology for removing biofilms in drinking water pipes for livestock farming, achieving key benefits for animal health and wellbeing. The water treatment technology is using very

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Multifunctional syringe to protect healthcare workers

A Hungarian technology transfer agency offers its partner’s technology, a medical syringe which solves the problem of the danger of infecting patients and health care workers with diseases that can be transmitted by injecting with an infected needle. The

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Luxembourg company specialising in broadband mobile connectivity services for corporate and individual customers seeks distribution service agreements, joint venture agreements with resellers and system integrators & financial agreements for investment

This Luxembourg company active in broadband connectivity delivers full scope of roaming multi-network data services that ensure seamless coverage and connection globally. It offers all customers exclusive access to its highly intuitive SIM management platform, including real-time data diagnostics

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UK company is looking for distributors and commercial agents for its novel rapid extraction fabric mat

UK company has developed a self-contained fabric mat extraction system that helps people, who need a quick removal from a working location. The company, which specialises in security equipment, is offering distributorship agreement to potential partners from international service-based

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