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[Eureka or Eurostars] A Croatian producer of educational electronic devices for children is looking for experts in AI who will develop software components of the new device.

A Croatian company is an expert in the production of educational electronic devices for children – STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathamatics) kits – of top quality. To apply for Eureka or Eurostars, the company is looking for partners

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Smart inks based on a photoinduced thermoluminescent composition to prevent counterfeiting

A Spanish nanoscience and nanotechnology research centre has developed innovative photoinduced thermoluminescent inks to prevent counterfeiting in several industries. The inks are composed of metal nanoparticles, phase change materials (PCM) and fluorescent dyes which respond to near infrared radiation

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Novel production of baker's yeast strains, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, optimised for industrial-scale recombinant protein production

A UK biofoundry SME provides novel production strains of the regulatory friendly baker’s yeast, optimised for industrial-scale recombinant protein production to make vaccines, therapeutic proteins and diagnostics more affordable and accessible to all who need them. Biotech partners are

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Spanish producer of new foldable 20 feet dry container for transport, capable of packing 5 empty containers in the space of a standard container, looks for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A Spanish company, born to bring innovation to the transport and logistics sector, has developed a new generation of foldable container to make transport more sustainable. They are searching for companies that normally use containers for transport, and who

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COVID-19: A smart, innovative body temperature measurement system and early indication tool to identify possible infections such as COVID

An Austrian SME offers a cost-effective system to continuously measure body temperature. It enables identification of potentially infected persons at a very early stage, thus breaking the chain of infection as soon as possible. Measurements are read by a

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A scalable environmentally friendly method for inactivation of viruses in water

A consortium of Slovenian public research organizations has developed a new method and device for disinfection of water without chemicals. The method has been validated by a laboratory prototype. The researchers are looking for hydroponic plant production farms for

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UK company offers technology that simplifies the management of enterprise networks through automation and performance insights

UK SME offering network automation products that exploit the operational and cost efficiency of network infrastructure through technology-enabled dynamic changes. The company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance with partners ranging from large venues and /or sports

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Material platforms for simultaneous solid-phase presentation of boron and cell adhesion domains as antitumor strategy for carcinomas

A Spanish biomedical research center has developed a new antitumor strategy for the treatment of colon cancer and other epithelial cancers and is looking to establish license, research cooperation or joint venture agreements. Cooperación Tecnológica Enlace: Material platforms for

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Looking for Z-fold with product processing for manufacturing line

A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods is looking for methods, processes, industry examples, or companies that are capable of producing a Z-folded web with products sandwiched into one side. Licence or technical cooperation agreements are sought with industrial

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Cell-penetrating peptides for treatment of cancer

A Spanish biomedical research networking center has developed innovative cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) to deliver cargos, such as therapeutic substances, inside cells with very high efficiency and without noticeable toxicity. Looking to establish license, research cooperation, or joint venture agreements.

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