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Pre-commercial Procurement of innovative ICT-enabled Integrated Care Solutions – Chronic Heart Failure. Seeking integration and sensor technology partners

A UK (Scottish) SME is developing a project proposal for the In Care Heart Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) call. They have developed a health data exchange platform to support the virtual management of patients with chronic conditions, e.g. Heart Failure.

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M-ERA.NET – Development of a new coating solution for use in contact with food – industrial partners sought

A Czech research organisation with rich experience in thermal spraying is seeking industrial partners to complement the consortium of a project within M-ERA.NET. The project will focus on the development on new reliable and safe thermal spray coating solutions

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Mobile orthosis cooling system offered for licensing

Researchers from a Czech university have developed and successfully tested a mobile orthosis cooling system for temperature reduction of the body segment or joint. The core of the proposed solution lies in Peltier thermocouple modules placed on a tactile

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Super porous adsorbent of heavy metals for water purification

A Catalan (Spanish) nanoscience and nanotechnology research centre has developed an innovative super porous adsorbent able to remove different heavy metal water contaminants. The material is fabricated by spray-drying and formulated into granules suitable to be used in cartridges

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Ukrainian software development company offers the software for marine propulsion shafting alignment, torsion, axial and whirling vibration analysis at the design, production, maintenance and ship repair stages under subcontracting or outsourcing agreement.

The Ukrainian software development and consulting company offers software to shipyards, maritime engineering, shipbuilding, ship owners and other engineering companies. The software provides all the types of marine shafting calculations required by the classification societies for new and repaired

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Russian producer of complex for dielectric strength tests is looking for distributors and manufacture orders.

The Russian company from St. Petersburg develops and produces gas-insulated installations with generated voltage range from 1 to 230 kV for testing the insulation strength of various high-voltage electrical equipment. The company is looking for partners to conclude distribution

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A Ukrainian manufacturer of test strips for visual determination of total water hardness is looking for distributors

A Ukrainian company, located in the Kyiv, produces test strips for semi-quantitative indication of total water hardness. The test paper is suitable for detecting the hardness of various kinds natural water, potable water, industrial water, water taken from the

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LIFE Partner Search: Coordinator looks for partners to recover the PU (polyurethane) from footwear waste and develop new products for the footwear industry, completing a circular economy model

A Spanish SME leads a proposal aimed to recover PU (polyurethane) from waste of the footwear industry. They search three partners with these roles: design, prototyping and manufacturing of elastomeric parts, pultruded composite profiles and molded composite parts; carbon

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Innovative marine site investigation solution for use in geophysics, impact assessment or buried objects detection

A French company specialized in marine electromagnetic has developped an innovative sites investigation solution which can be used for many applications such as geophysics, impact assessment or buried objects detection including non-ferrous objects. The company wants to develop the

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UK company is offering their hot extrusion facilities to pharmaceutical companies developing new dosage forms

UK company is offering their hot extrusion facilities to partners looking to develop API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) from early phase clinical development to large scale commercial production. They are the first GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) company in the UK

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